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Sugden Allotment Association

We're a growing community


About us

We are an allotment association with more than 75 plots under cultivation, a number of which are half and quarter plots to make them more manageable. We have more than 60 members and all plots are rented on an annual basis from January to December.


The site is owned by Elmbridge Council from whom we rent it, with the Sugden Allotment Association committee being responsible for the management of all plots rented to individuals.


Why have an Allotment?

*Grow fresh organic produce at a fraction of the price of supermarkets

*Benefit from lots of fresh air, being outdoors and Regular exercise

*Community spirit - we hold regular social events three times a year

*Be part of an active WhatsApp group for members to share allotment ideas and advice

*Membership of the National Association of Allotments

*Discounts on seeds purchased through the membership scheme

*Discounts from local businesses with membership:

*Alsford Timber in Surbiton - 10% discount

*Crossy's Home and Garden - 10% discount


Want to join our waiting list?

Please note that taking on an allotment is a big commitment that requires keeping your plot regularly cultivated and tidy. In the summer months plots can require at least 8 hours a week of maintenance and at up to 4 visits a week for plant watering. We have a considerable waiting list so out of respect for others waiting please only consider taking on a plot when you have the time and enthusiasm to take on the commitment required.


Please visit our 'Contact Us' page if you wish to apply for a plot.

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