Sugden Allotment Association

We're a growing community



About us

We are (as the name suggests) an allotment association with more than 75 plots under cultivation, a number of which are half and quarter plots to make them more manageable. We have more than 60 members, of whom several have more than one plot, and two members who keep bees on their plots. All plots are rented on an annual basis from January to December.

The site is owned by Elmbridge Council from whom we rent it, with the Sugden Allotment Association committee being responsible for the management of all plots rented to individuals.


What is an Allotment?

In recent years there has been a well publicised resurgence of interest in allotments and the 'Grow your Own' movement. The motivation for people taking up an allotment may now be different from the beginning of the last century, but the upsurge of interest is here to stay as more and more people want to grow their own food again. The resurgence is down to many factors and we now find that young families, couples and groups of individuals are all taking on plots, with the aim of getting back in touch with healthy food.

At Sugden Allotment Association we are no different. Our members come from all walks of life, but the binding factor that holds our small community together is the desire to grow fresh, tasty produce for the table at a fraction of the cost of buying it from a supermarket or greengrocer.

Those with allotments will tell you that when you pass through the gate you will enter a small haven of tranquillity where all worries soon melt away. As well as having the pleasure of growing your own fruit and vegetables, looking after an allotment is a great way to relieve the stresses and strains of modern day life.


Find us

The Sugden Allotment Association site is located just off Sugden Road in Long Ditton, Surrey. The main entrance is a bit hidden, next to the K3 Bus Stop opposite St Mary's School in Sugden Road. There is also a pedestrian-only entrance, which can be accessed through Surbiton Hockey Club's car park.


Waiting list

Please note that, as of 3rd August 2020, we have reluctantly decided to stop taking new applications for plots and removed our online application form until the lengthy waiting list we now have reduces in length.

David Wiltshire, Membership Secretary.

Tel: 0203 665 8293